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Jul. 16th, 2009


Dear bro Y

Hey Bro! I duno if you did check my lj, well if you did, this post is for you!

I do not want you to read my lj/posts mostly coz its for girls & private! Sth that i'll share with my friends not brother! So, I really hope that you don't read it, but you did not promise me that you won't read or check it out...mishkela el f'9ool!

*sigh* BYE BYE NOW!

Apr. 2nd, 2009


HELP with 1970s style plz!

Hello! Can anyone please help me? I'm inivited to a party tomorrow, the theme is 1970s. Can anyone post pictures or links to examples of makeup style & hairstyle of that period?!

I'll wear a fuschia dress I guess, but I'm not sure about the hairstyle/makeup/accessories or jewelery. I don't have the full look yet. I'll really appreciate your help.


Mar. 20th, 2009


Boring 5th week

I started my week in the Pensions & Benefits department, not in the HR anymore. It was so damn boring! I have a schedule, there's a plan for me, but there's no work! I asked them few times something like: "So, isn't there sth for me to do?" I would only observe the process of registering companies, or the front desk where customers come, or how they issue letters...The only work they gave me was data entry! That's boring and I don't think there's anything to learn from that!

I didn't talk to my supervisor, but I told my sister, i.e HR Manager, she told me to talk to the manager in the P&B dep. I went to her at the end of the second day, told her that I have nothing to do, she said she'll talk to the employees. Next day, I attended a meeting with them, they were discussing "new employee quick start guide". The rest of the week was boring with no work, just the usual, either observing or given data entry.

Thanks to the two interns with me I'm surviving (one is in the Finance dep & the other is in the HR), we go on a break together, then when we're bored with nothing to do we gather in the HR dep :P this mostly happens at the end of the day, around 1:30. Almost everyday I go up to those in the HR to say hello, and to see my sis ;) I'm hoping there will be work this coming week, if not, I'll talk to my supervisor & see if I can move to another dep. for the last 2 weeks. My sis told me to talk to the manager again, but I don't want to. She also told me that data entry is part of their work. She said sth like: "I know you're active, you want an experience that will teach you a lot. I would give you work form the HR, but it won't seem right" Well, I know she's right, but I'm a person that can't sit doing nothing. Time is precious! I can't waste 7.5 hours, 5 days a week for the next 3 weeks doing nothing. I'm also thinking of getting some books from uni library, for our capstone project, and reading them in my free working time.

Let's wait & see until next week. Hoping it'll be better than this week. I think this situation developed inner anger in me or frustration. This effected my tennis, I wasn't playing well, I got frustrated many times, at the end I kicked a heavy grabage, and it hurt my toe :S then I sat down, waiting for the others to finish...I'll play again tomorrow, but singles not doubles, which I guess is better a bit, so I hope I play better than yesterday :P

Mar. 17th, 2009


Help in spanish tennis words...anyone?!

I have a Spanish homework for tomorrow. My teacher wants me to look out for tennis words, there are some that I already know, some that I looked up on the net, but can anyone who knows more tell me? Or tell me if there are mistakes please? What's baseline in spanish? How about service line? (linea de servicio sth like that?!) Forehand & backhand?

Spanish words
                              English words
raqueta                                          racquet
pelota/bola                                      ball
pista/cancha                                   court
saque/servicio                                serve
sacador                                            server
red                                                     net
iguales                                             deuce
ventaja                                              advantage
muerte subita                                  tie-break
golpe                                                 hit
saque ganador                               ace
punto ganado                                  winning point
volea/golpe de aire                         volley
golpe liftado                                     top spin
globo                                                 lob
remate                                              smash

Muchas gracias!

Mar. 13th, 2009


Internship, capstone & the flu

This is a non-sport post, dedicated to my dear friend karamilah as she's a bit fed up of my sports posts (which she already know are imp to me & are a big part of my life ehm...)

Ok, so on Monday my friends & I went to uni to discuss a topic for our capstone project with a professor, and thank God, el7imdellah, he agreed and said he'll most likely be our supervisor. Yay! That's one thing, now we have to start writing  proper proposal and a timeline. We'll meet on Sunday inshallah @ Gila's house & write it together so we can send it to the professor. The proposal due date is March 26th, but it's better to finish it before of course.

We'll finish our internship on April 9th, start uni on April 12th. I'll have one class form Sun-Wed from 10am-12pm. That'smuch better than 7:30-3:00pm, but I wont be free the rest of the day as we'll have our Capstone project to work on.

I finished 4 weeks of my internship, I'm halfway through. Another 4 weeks are left, but I want them to pass quickly as I'll be in another department. I'll be in the Pensions & Benefits department, which is the biggest in the Fund. I'm not excited at all...I wish there are no rotation and they'd keep me in the HR , but I'll switch places with another intern...

I got used to the people in the Human Resources department. It's a smaller department, and they're all nice. Well, except for one employee. I told some others that I don't like when he gives me work. Once I didn't know what to do, where to find the info as the excel sheet that I found on his pc wasn't updated. Then, I sent him an e-mail as he wasn' in his office, telling him that I tried, but there are data I didn't know where to find. He talked to another employee, told her about me, "Howcome she didn't know how to do it?! It's all in front of her....etc" She told me what he said :P Then, he came over to me, he was friendly, and explained where I'll find the info. Then he told me if I have time to sort the employee folders on his pc! Seriosuly dude! It ain't my problem if you're messy! Well, I sorted folders of 4 departments, and didn't continue coz I got tired :P But i mean it, I felt a bit dizzy from working on the pc for long. Yesterday, he thanked me for what I did. I'm glad he's being friendly, I was told he doesn't really like trainees coz once some messed up his stuff lol.

Lately I feel like I get the flu a lot! On wednesday I felt a bit sick, well I think it started from Tuesday. The headache, the stomach ache. I was hungry, but couldn't really eat coz I felt if I did I'll throw up *bluh* So, I went back home on wed, @ around 1:45 instead of 3. At night I went to the hospital. Doc told me these are the signs of the flu. She told me there aren't real medicaitons for the flu, depends on each person's body. She asked me to take vitamins, and gave me advil for cold & sinus. I asked for a sick leave just in case I wasn't feeling well next morning, and she gave me for one day. I slept early that day, I woke up in the morning, and decided to go to work. I wish I listened to Aimar & Gila. Lol, I told them its my last day in the HRD, as if I'll miss sth. I went, didn't have much work, and I felt I didn't have much energy, so I excused myself to go back home. I left at around 11:30am.

Today, el7imdellah, I'm feeling better...tomorrow I'm going with my 2 sisters & cousin to dubai to attend "Cirque du Soleil, Alegria" yay! I'm looking forward! Hopefully, I'll tell you about it :

xoxo, Saviola

Mar. 9th, 2009


Tennis League: 2 matches left


We played our tennis league match, but unfortunately lost 1-3. In the first game, Aimar & I played against a kind of easy pair, but I don't know why we sucked :P it's like when our opponents are weak, we become weaker! We lost 4-9. Then, the other pair we faced were stronger. They had harder shots, and good serves. One of them served really well. For both, I had to stand about a meter behind the baseline to return their serves! Usuakky I stand on the baseline if not inside. In the end, thank God, we won 9-6. YAAY! 1-3 is better than 0-4. The oter pair of our team lost their two games (sorry girls). Whenwe won the 2nd match they were like: How?! You iwn against the harder ones?! Lol :P

I duno where we stand in the league now, in total I think we're 6 teams, so I guess we're 4th. That ain't so good, but well, this is our firts time in the league.

I have back pain and my left knee hurts when I bend :S I found a bruise on my left calf :P I duno what I do when I play tennis. I think it's time that I go see a doc, but I worry that if I'll go, of course I'll tell mom. She'll ask me why I wana see a bone doc, then she'll say it's all form tennis (I know it is, but I can't stop playing, it's one of my needs now, like the need to drink water or eat or breath!)

*yawn* Ok, that's it, am tired, I need to sleep...good night!

Mar. 5th, 2009


Happy Birthday Sandra! (in advance)

(Sorry I'm podtin this early, but I'm going away on the weekend, well right now, mom is waiting for me lol. I'll have my Blackberry with me but wont be able to make a proper post for your bday, so I thought in advance is better than late)
Happy 23rd Birthday Sandra! Feliz Cumpleaños chica!
I wish you all the nest and may all your dreams come true
Hope you graduate from uni, and find a job in Argentina if you still want to work there :)
May Real Madrid win La Liga & the UCL
May you stay healthy and fit and live a happy life

...& a lil gift for you...

Take care dear and enjoy your birthday to the fullest!
xoxo, Saviola

Mar. 4th, 2009


So damn boring!

I've been really bored at work today!!!! Now, I'm really bored at home. I have nothing to do :S This whole week at work wasn't very busy, I didn't have much work to do...When I asked they told me I finished all the work :P

Duno what to write, this weekend will be a bit long. Sunday is off, so we have three days :P my family is going to Alain, I don't want to go, I wana go to Dubai. My aunt is going to Dubai, I wana go with them, but I don't know. They may come back on Sunday, I wana come back on Saturday coz Real Madrid are playing Saturday night.

and that's it...


Feb. 22nd, 2009

rm boys

6-1!! Hala Madrid!!

I'm talking about a football score, and not a tennis set. It was an enjoyful first half, 7 goals in total, my boys scored 6! I'm proud of them!! We could've even scored more hehe. That was awesome, and what made it even better was Espanyol who beat Barfa! Now its down to 7 points...We're catching up. Just you wait Barfa boys, just you wait (I remembered Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady when she sings 'Just you wait Henry Higinz) :P lol

I swear, our win and Barfa's loss made my day :D Hopefully we see more of this so my mood will be good hehe. I kept laughing when we scored more goals :P I luv that!

xoxo, Madridista

Feb. 21st, 2009


Girls Day Out

Today was a nice day, el7imdellah, I enjoyed it. I went to see 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. In total we were ten; me, my 2 sisters, gila & her sister, Aimar & her sister, Aimar's friend & her sister. So, I guess it was "sisters & friends day" hehe :P Gila was already gona watch the movie today, so we met in the mall. Movie started @ 12:15pm. I recommend it for anyone who haven't seen it yet. I loved it! I read all the Shopaholic novels & I loved them. I'm really glad the movie turned out great. I don't mind watching it again!

After the movie, gila & her sister left, we stayed a lil in the mall, went to two stores maybe, then they all came back to our house. We had lunch at home, then they left, but Aimar stayed coz we were gona go to the club to play tennis. So, we changed and went to the club, and ehm I drove till there. YAY! :D It was Aimar's first time to ride with me :P

Now, I feel a bit sleepy, but I have to stay up as RM are playing in about 2 1/2 hours. I may drink coffee to stay up :P lol


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